Instagram in Motion

Wire frames are a form of communication for fellow designers, product managers and even engineers to make sure everyone is on the same page of producing a stellar product. I prototyped one of my often used apps, Instagram, to have a better understanding of the microinteractions which take place in the app and how each feature creates an intuitive experience based on these interactions.

Time Taken: 1 Week

Context: A study on microinteractions; I chose an existing app and prototyped its main features on Apple Keynote

Learnings: It is important to utilize wire frames in the design process as they help display app or site architecture and clarify features one step at a time. Most importantly, wireframes they help push usability in showcasing the page layout upfront rather than at the end and help make the design process as iterative as possible. Wire frames help to point out flaws early in the product stages and emphasize usability of the product for a better customer experience.





Preliminary Sketches