Hi There! I am known as Tiffany, T-Wazzle, Tiff, Tiffang, Tiffangly, etc.

I am a curious product designer who explores new ways to solve un-met problems through deep user research, engaging storytelling, intuitive systems and clean visual design. My passion lies in enhancing productivity in everyday situations, strengthening interpersonal relationships, bridging culture and tackling sticky problems. 


1-31-18: I just published a class in collaboration with Skillshare about the basics of UX Research! You check out the course here. 

1-22-18: I talked in my first podcast called AngleFreeIT about what it's like working in tech and my job experience. My episode will be up on February 22nd! 


I have previously worked on contextual collaboration with Intuit, cross-border payments with Visa, mobility experiences at Ford, enterprise software at DocuSign and accessibility for non-profit organizations at Capital One. I also do freelance work, volunteer at non-profit organizations and design events, and mentor designers in my spare time. 

Side passions

I keep a blog where I write about design every week. I am currently collaborating with organizations, such as Skillshare, RookieUpAuthentic and Highbrow in advocating UX. 

When I am not doing any of those things, you might find me playing DDR, exploring the city with a new friend, or trying out the latest food trends (pm me if you want to eat together!)

Fun Facts

  • I am trilingual
  • I was a model under two of the most prestigious modeling agencies, Ford and Wilhelmina 
  • I modelled with big brands such as Vogue, J-Crew, IBM and many more doing a span of print work
    and commercial gigs 
  • I like to dabble in theater, musicals, and anything acting/film related
  • I was featured in Nanqidao, a Shanghai news channel, where they get millions of views daily on
    their videos
  • I can play Dance Dance Revolution for 3+ hours straight 

Let's Connect!

I love meeting other designers and exchanging stories. Free free to connect with me on Linkedin and let's learn from each other!